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Improve your security system in New York City

You no longer need to choose between convenience and security. Fortunately, Vivint has brought together a comprehensive security system in New York City with easy automation to make your house smarter and safer. You benefit from more power over your smart locks, alarms, and cameras, while also controlling your lights and thermostat within an easy-to-use cell phone app.

Of course, the true advantage of Vivint occurs when you incorporate your devices together in one system for a completely connected home. Receive notifications from your motion detectors when they identify something out of the ordinary, and then activate your lights to scare the intruder away. Engage door locks remotely, adjust your lighting, and turn down the thermostat by simply pressing a button when you turn in for the night. Additionally, you can set your home to prepare your house for you when you arrive. When integrating a Vivint system in New York City, you are able to lower your stress and improve your peace of mind.


Take charge of your security system in New York City

Get better protection at all hours with a security system that is always ready. With window and door sensors, security cameras, and motion detectors, you are constantly secure against unwanted intrusion. When a smart sensor or security camera perceives abnormal movement, an alert is immediately delivered to your Vivint Smart Hub, Vivint App, and Vivint’s 24/7 monitoring team.

Vivint gives you full administrative power of your home security system in New York City. By using the cell phone app, you are able to activate or deactivate your alarms remotely, view HD live streams from your surveillance cameras, and provide your family with personalized clearance for your programmable door locks. And since Vivint incorporates your New York City security system with home automation, you can automatically activate your security system when leaving for the day and program it to deactivate when you come back.


Smart home automation makes your life more comfortable

A versatile automation system gives you the ability to fit your house to your unique schedule. When utilizing the easy-to-use smartphone application, you get total command over daily-use items like lights, thermostats, doorbell cameras, and locks. You are able to lower your energy bills by setting the temperature and lighting to be in harmony with your daily routine. Programming your home automation through the app allows you to get your house ready for bed with a single push of a button.

Since your automation system integrates perfectly with your home’s security system, you can elevate your home’s defense to another level. Create custom rules to automatically adjust your lights, alarms, cameras, and thermostats depending on occupancy and preferences. Speak with visitors via your Doorbell Camera Pro™ and your Vivint app. Or simply get alerts from your smart door locks when your children return to the house.

Fire protection happens no matter where you are

Standard fire alarms beep when triggered by smoke, but your smart Vivint smoke detectors double the protection by identifying heat as well as smoke. In the event of a fire, they will alert you with a high-volume warning and mobile device communication, while mobilizing Vivint’s 24-hour monitoring professionals. By using smart fire and flood detectors, you have the assurance emergency workers will be coming to help, and you can concentrate on getting your family out of danger.

Smart security in New York City backed by 24-hour monitoring

Make every second count when an emergency arises. When a smart device is activated, a real-life individual from Vivint’s team of 24-7 professionals answers the call. After making a quick assessment of the situation, they will call you to make sure you are safe and that the proper emergency team responds on your behalf. No Matter if you need a security system for your New York City rental, or you are looking for a security system for your business in New York City, Vivint has you covered.

Connect to all of your home’s systems with one intuitive smartphone app

Your home’s automation, security, surveillance, and fire detection should all work in concert. That’s why Vivint incorporates your full spectrum of smart security devices in one intuitive smartphone application. By using this innovative platform, you can connect to your home from any location or set up custom actions based on the time or when sensors are activated. Receive notifications when your sensors identify suspicious activity or when they sense smoke -- and view your video footage in high-definition.

Since industry advancements will always continue, we made it easy to add additional equipment and services when needed. What’s the point of having a smart home in New York City if it’s stuck in the past?

Discover New York City Emergency Services Information

Being safe in New York City is of the top priority to us at Vivint. Not every time you have an emergency or community concern will you need to reach out to our monitoring station. Because of that, we want to make sure you know how to get a hold of Police, Fire, and Poison Control in New York City.
All Emergency Services
Call 911 for:
Police, Fire, &
Ambulance Services
Newark Police Division
311 Washington St, Newark, NJ 07102
Newark Fire Department
1010 18th Ave, Newark, NJ 07106
NJ Poison Control Center
140 Bergen Street, Suite G1600 Newark, NJ 07103

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