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Common causes of residential fires in New York City and how to prevent them

September 25, 2023
Man surprised by smoke pouring out of oven

There are numerous perils you must keep in mind as a homeowner. Fire is foremost among them, as it can occur in various places and at any time. The U.S. Fire Administration estimated an astounding $8.9 billion in property damage across the United States as a result of residential fires in 2021. In the same year, there were more than 350,000 documented incidents. Luckily, there are actions you can take to keep them from happening|. Investigate the causes and how to prevent house fires in New York City.

What sparks residential fires in New York City?

Fires can sprout up in any spot and without notice, whether sparked by a discarded cigarette in a waste container or an ignored stovetop. Here are the most common causes of residential fires.

  • Cooking: Flare-ups in the kitchen are the most common sorts of residential fires in New York City and everywhere else. Unattended stovetops are the main origin, so always watch that smoking skillet when cooking. It’s also important to note that dumping water on a grease fire will only worsen the situation.
  • Heating: Space heaters are well known for causing residential fires. Using them for long time periods may cause internal pieces to wear out and catch fire. Situating heaters by flammable textiles like bed sheets and curtains or using frayed cords can also lead to disastrous results. Other heating elements, such as fireplaces and furnaces, may cause fires and need to be checked regularly.
  • Electrical: Outdated wiring, defective outlets, and overburdened extension cords are some ways electrical problems cause fires. Don’t operate an appliance with a damaged cord, and ensure flammable materials like paper aren’t put on top of a lampshade, get it inspected right away.
  • Candles: If there's a flame, there's a chance of fire. Residential fires caused by candles are still all too common and typically result from people being careless. Burning candles too close to combustible materials like curtains or leaving them within the domain of a rambunctious pet will often produce disastrous results.
  • Smoking: Despite the overall reduction in smoking across the nation, it’s still an unquestionable fire hazard. The U.S. Fire Administration estimated that 7,800 residential fires were started by smoking in 2021. Dozing off with a cigarette still burning or prematurely discarding smoldering ashes can give rise to destructive results.

The primary way to prevent house fires in New York City is to eliminate careless behavior. Always watch closely when cooking, don’t ever leave a candle unattended, and get rid of cigarettes properly. If you must run a space heater, do so infrequently and invest in one that offers an automatic shut-off feature in case it is knocked over.

Get help quickly with a monitored fire alarm in New York City

You should have smoke detectors on all floors and think about installing more next to sleeping quarters. But you can take your home’s safety to a new level with a monitored fire alarm. These innovative safety devices will not only recognize smoke but can also trigger due to rising heat. In addition, since they are part of your modern smart home, they’ll alert you and your monitoring professionals whenever a crisis occurs. This is a nice perk, specifically when you’re not home to hear the alarm and contact the fire department yourself.

Protect against common threats with a Vivint smart home in New York City

Enhance the safety of your household today with a Vivint smart home. You may personalize our systems with monitored fire alarms, CO detectors, and flood sensors. You’ll be thankful for the instant alerts to your cell phone and the 24-hour support that you get with professional monitoring. Dial (332) 877-9062 to talk with a Vivint representative.